This page contains pointers to the Metafont source for a couple of fonts.

Tengwar and Cirth fonts

Please note: If you don't know what TeX is, you don't want these fonts.

These are two fonts with Tolkien's tengwar and cirth. Here is an example of the tengwar (at Laserwriter resolution): and a PostScript example of the cirth can be viewed here.

If you want to get these fonts, you can fetch a gzipped tar file, or you can fetch the various files selectively. The readme gives some not very helpful information on what's there.

TengTeX macros

Ivan Derzhanski has produced a set of macros for LaTeX and Plain TeX which allow the easy use both of my fonts above and of Mike Urban's alternative tengwar. The files are bundled in TengTeX.tar.gz (270KB, with documentation) or can be browsed in the TengTeX directory.

TengTeX for Spanish

Conrado Badenas and Javier Rojas have added definitions suitable for setting Spanish in tengwar using the TengTex package. These can be found at Conrad's site.

Computer Modern Old English

This is a little font with Computer modern versions of the Old English letters thorn (þ), eth (ð) and yogh (not in ASCII). It also has the Polish ogonek accent. There are nowadays complete fonts with these letters, so the cmoe fonts are superfluous; but I leave them around for people who just need these letters occasionally. Here are the gzipped tar file, individual files, and readme.

Computer Modern Sans-Serif Math Italic

If you want to produce LaTeX overheads in Sans-Serif, you have a problem with maths; even if you hack the font description files to give sans-serif math roman letters, the greek is still not sans-serif. This package provides cmssmi fonts, which are math italic (including greek) in sans-serif. No installation instructions: if you don't know how to mess with LaTeX fonts, you shouldn't use non-standard fonts. (You could also improve (in my opinion) the greek in the cmbright fonts; this could be done just by dropping the file in as a replacement for

Gzipped tar file cmssmi.tar.gz (10KB).

Truetype tengwar for Windows

Dan Smith ( provides: A number of TrueType fonts for Windows, including various tengwar and cirth fonts; and pointers to other font-related resources. This may be found here. Please note: don't ask me anything about these. Ask Dan Smith!