Search help

Type some words (separated by spaces) into the query box, and click `Search'. A list of messages containing the words will appear in the top right frame. If you click on a message number, the message will be displayed in the bottom frame.

Don't put punctuation characters in your query---many of them are regular expression meta-characters. (Accordingly, you can search for regular expressions; see glimpse documentation.) The quote ' can be used, but a word such as utulie'n is split into two words internally.

The meaning of the options is:

Note that using case-sensitive matching, partial word matching or mis-spelling is likely to slow the search significantly.

Note also that glimpse is a rather buggy program, and it's not usually easy to detect when it has suffered an error. If you get `no results' from a search that you think should have found something, please mail me with the date and time of your search, and the exact query and options you used.